Rampage subject of some very positive early word of mouth.

There seems to be a new solution to problems in Hollywood these days. Want to revive a flagging franchise such as The Fast & Furious? Get the Rock. Need to reboot an old Robin Williams movie? Get the Rock. Need to finally make a good film based on a video game? Apparently Mr Johnson has waved his magic wand once again (yes, we’re aware he was in Doom and it was awful).

With the premiere of The Rock’s latest outing, Rampage taking place in Los Angeles recently it appears that the initial reaction to the movie, which is based on the 80’s arcade game, is a positive indicator that the bad video game to film adaptation curse has finally been broken.
Eric Eisenberg of CinemaBlend took to Twitter to state;

“Excited to say that @rampagethemovie is the film that breaks the video game movie curse. It’s super silly, but also a ton of fun, particularly driven by the charisma of Dwayne Johnson & Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who need to start making a lot more movies together).”

It didn’t stop there with Scott Menzel of We Live Entertainment writing;

“Rampage is the ultimate guilty pleasure. Brad Peyton has created a big budget B movie & Dwayne Johnson delivers his most outrageous performance to date. #Rampage is the ultimate monster movie and is non-stop campy fun. Did I mention that Dwayne Johnson fights a giant flying wolf?”

The movie which reunites director Brad Peyton with the action star, having previously collaborated on Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and San Andreas, is said to be a laugh riot of B-movie inspired fun and Jim the Movie Man took to Twitter following the premiere to ask;

“Will #Rampage be eligible for the #Oscars? @TheRock ? Asking for a friend…”

It would appear that The Rock has chosen wisely yet again following the huge global success of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. The movie’s release date has been brought forward from April 20th after Marvel Studios’ announcement that Avengers: Infinity War was now being released on April 27th but it must be pointed out that Jumanji performed remarkably well against Star Wars: The Last Jedi at the end of last year and it would appear on that evidence alone that film fans are willing to make more than one trip to the cinema if Dwayne Johnson is involved and the early signs are that Rampage could be another huge hit for The Rock.

Rampage opens in the U.K. April 11th and the U.S. April 13th.