Sequel to the Van Damme “classic” Lionheart (A.W.O.L.) announced.

In news that you probably never saw coming, a sequel to the Jean Claude Van Damme VHS rental favourite Lionheart (or A.W.O.L as it was known is some countries) has been announced by the Rodin Entertainment website, coming 28 years after the original films release.

Here’s the synopsis for the sequel:

“A cynical street hustler takes in a talented fighter on the lam from the authorities, helping the fighter raise money for his family as he uses him to pay down his own gambling debts through underground street fights. As the fighter slowly discovers the connection between his family’s tragedy and the hustler’s boss, he realizes that on the streets it’s hard to tell friend from foe and even harder to do something about it.”

Van Damme is currently listed to star in the production which is to begin filming at the end of the year. Strangely the Muscles From Brussels has since removed a post about his return from his Instagram account, but recently he appeared in two straight to DVD sequels to Kickboxer so it’s not without reason that he may be reprising his role as Lyon.

No director or release date has been announced as yet.