The Film ‘89 Podcast is here!

When we first conceived of Film ‘89 and what it would be, first and formost it was intended as a hub through which we would deliver to our readers a celebration of our love of film and television. In the 155 days since Film ‘89 began (our age in days is denoted by the number of our current Poster & Shots of the Day), wed like to think that we’ve delivered quality writing in the form of news, reviews and features on a wide range of films, television shows and on occasion, other media such as video games.

That said, the intention from the outset was that one day we would aim to deliver a regular podcast show where we discuss news, review films and TV shows and offer our followers a more personalised experience where you can get to know us more as individuals. We’re all huge fans of podcasts such as the phenomenal Wrong Reel Podcast hosted by our good friend James Hancock which is, in our opinion, at the very peak of what a film and television podcast can be. I’ve been lucky enough to guest host six episodes of the Wrong Reel with James since my first appearance in December 2016. Steve Amos has joined me and James as guest host on two of those episodes and has found the experience to be a deeply rewarding one.

Our desire to do a podcast of our own has only been hampered by our own extremely busy lives outside of Film ‘89 but after many months of unexpected setbacks we’ve finally got our act together and are proud to present to you the first episode of The Film ‘89 Podcast. Currently available on iTunes, Stitcher, PodOmatic and Tune In Radio, we hope to expand to other podcast outlets soon but for now, download and listen to our first episode. In it we give our review of 2017 and our choice of our three favourite films of last year. Our main review is Star Wars: The Last Jedi and we also pick our all-time favourite comedy films.

We hope to roll out further episodes on a regular basis so please like, subscribe and post reviews on iTunes, Stitcher and PodOmatic as this will guarantee both our growth and our ability to provide you with a regular entertaining and informative show. Enjoy!

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