Chris Evans may have featured in Deadpool 2’s original post-credits scene.


This article contains plot details on Deadpool 2.

Deadpool 2 may not quite be receiving as much critical love as its predecessor but that doesn’t seem to be affecting it’s box office takings with the second instalment knocking Avengers: Infinity War into second place in this weeks American charts.

One thing that has almost universally been agreed upon however, is just how good it’s post credit scenes are with Marvel Entertainment chief creative officer, Joe Quesada, going as far as proclaiming that the Deadpool 2 post-credit scene was “The best in movie history!”

The scenes involved Deadpool being able to utilise Cable’s supposedly broken time travel device after it’s repaired by Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildenbrand) and her new girlfriend Yukio (Shioli Kutsuna). He’s then able to not only save his girlfriend Vanessa’s life, but also have some fun along the way too, poking fun at Reynolds’ previous forays into the world of comic book movies. The Merc With The Mouth is seen seemingly erasing the original (and quite terrible) version of Deadpool from : X-Men Origins: Wolverine and also murdering the actor Ryan Reynolds who is shown reading the Green Lantern script. Very meta indeed!

Now the sequel’s writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have revealed that the scenes were not only not in the original script, but also didn’t feature in the original run of test screenings either. During a recent interview, Reese had this to say;

“We shoot it in additional photography, because we generally like to look at the whole movie and see how it plays out before we decide what we want to do at the end. We had another idea that was in there for a while, which was, he was going to do some more X-Force interviews. He was going to open it up, and we had this bit where Chris Evans walked in, and then of course he treats him as Johnny Storm instead of Captain America, which we thought was really funny. Long story short, when it came down to it, someone had the idea for the time machine, and we just thought, ‘Oh, that’s just too classic.’ How meta can it be when Ryan Reynolds is going back in time to stop previous Ryan Reynolds from taking the Green Lantern movie? When Ryan had that idea of the Green Lantern bit, because he’s so willing to make fun of himself, we just lost it. We thought, that’s the funniest idea ever, and what a great idea to end the movie. Originally it ended with Deadpool killing baby Hitler. At the very, very end of the credits, we had him going and killing an infant version of Hitler. Then we decided that was a little too harsh – not killing Hitler, but killing a baby.”

Reese also added that in the first test screenings without the post-credits scene, they ultimately never ended up saving did Vanessa, but audiences were “OK with that.” Wernick added that they felt audiences weren’t cheated of the relationship because her death travels throughout the whole movie. Reese however added that Morena Baccarin was thrilled when they told her that the new post-credit scene involved her coming back from the dead, adding they can now hopefully use her in future movies as the Copycat, whom her character ultimately becomes in the comic book series.

Whilst we are unsure about the killing of Baby Hitler, one thing we’re glad of here at Film ‘89 Towers is that Deadpool remembers to ensure that the character of Peter (Rob Delaney) avoids his initial grizzly demise with Reynolds himself recently speculating that an X-Force movie will take precedent over a third Deadpool film, we’d love to see this most un-super of heroes make a welcome return.

Meanwhile Deadpool 2 director David Leitch will now start turning his attention to the Fast & Furious spin-off featuring Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham). Universal has set a July 26, 2019 release date for the upcoming movie.


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