Incredibles 2 has an Incredible Opening Weekend.

Disney/Pixar’s new film Incredibles 2 brought the summer box office storming back to life this weekend with an incredible $182,687,905 opening weekend. This is not only the biggest opening weekend ever for an animated film but also drops the film into the top 10 biggest US opening weekends in history.

The previous record for an animated film was 2016’s Finding Dory, another Disney/Pixar film, which grossed $135 million on its opening weekend.

It enters the top 10 biggest weekends at number 8, out-grossing Captain America: Civil War which opened with $179.1 million.

The question now is, how far will it go? Civil War topped out at over $400 million at the US box Office but Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, which opened with $174.7 million ended up with $504 million. How worldwide box office takings will go in the long run is always harder to predict but one can’t imagine Incredibles 2 stalling given the overwhelmingly positive reviews it’s been receiving.

With Incredibles 2, Disney now has 9 of the top 10 opening weekends of all time. Incredibles 2 also brought in $50+ million internationally for a combined worldwide weekend gross of $235,826,976.


Incredibles 2 is on general release in the US now but unfortunately doesn’t open in the U.K. until July 13th. Thanks Disney!