Is Michael Bay set to direct a Ryan Reynolds starring adaptation of Thundercats for Netflix?

Is Micheal Bay secretly set to direct a Thundercats movie for Netflix with Ryan Reynolds in the lead role?

News broke last month that the actor and director were set to team up on a new project from the streaming giant with a working title of Six Underground.

IGN Middle East is now reporting that Six Underground is actually a Thundercats movie directed by Bay and starring Reynolds that will release on Netflix. According to a source close to the production – which is reportedly set to film in Abu Dhabi, UAE in November – the movie is an adaptation of the beloved 1980s animated property and the title Six Underground, along with the revealed premise, are being used to avoid leaks about this most secretive of projects. Nothing else about the movie was revealed, including which characters each of the actors is playing or any plot details.

Whether there’s any truth to this remains to be seen, but here at Film ‘89 Towers, we’ll be keeping our ears pricked for any more news on Thundercats.