Nikolaj Coster-Waldau reveals some Game of Thrones Season 8 plot info.

After the shorter but no less epic seventh season of Game of Thrones, fans of the show have been left salivating for Season 8.

It seems an obvious bet that a major part of the eighth and final season will feature “The Great War” with characters from the various kingdoms battling against the “Night King” and his army of the undead as they move forward in their attempt to conquer the Realm of men. One thing this may lead to is the possibility of some of the main characters succumbing to the Night King’s wrath and being “turned” into one of his army, as we have already seen with the dragon Viserion getting the blue eye treatment to become a willing participant in the surge to destroy The Wall. Recently this was seemingly confirmed by Jaime Lannister himself, actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, during an interview with;

“You know some of the main characters are going to get turned. There are going to be some blue-eyed main characters running around.”

Whilst he was unable or unwilling to give up any potential names of characters up for the “turn” he did reveal where his personal preferences lie;

“And, god, I hope it’s not me. That’s three hours of make-up in the morning. I know that if [Thrones showrunners] David Benioff and Dan Weiss read this, they’ll go, ‘Oh, yes we will’.”

With his character leaving the shores of Kings Landing and his sister/lover Cersi to battle the oncoming army, the plot for Jamie is wide open when it comes to what he may encounter in the North and he stated that he was unsure how this will play out for the Kingslayer;

“If he wants to even get to battle before he’s killed by Stark soldiers, he’s going to need a bit of luck. You’d hope he can get there. But who knows, I might read Episode One of Season Eight and it says Jaime meets a Stark soldier and he’s killed. It would be so disappointing!”

With recent reports stating that we may have to wait around nineteen months to find out, we will no doubt get more rumours in respect of the final outcome of Game of Thrones and rest assured we’ll keep you posted.