Paul Bettany joins Han Solo Star Wars movie.

The metaphorical revolving door on the new Han Solo Star Wars movie is continuing to spin it would appear. First out were original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller and in walked new director Ron Howard. Recently we reported that actor Michael K. Williams had been forced to leave the project due to scheduling problems with the reshoot dates and now Variety are reporting that actor Paul Bettany has joined the production. Bettany is a well known quantity to Disney with his recurring portrayal of Marvel character Vision forming part of the Avengers and it would now appear that he is joining their other flagship franchise.

He has previously worked with Howard on three occasions including A Beautiful Mind (2001).
It’s not been confirmed at this time who Bettany will be playing, whether his character is a result of the reshoots or whether indeed, he is taking the role previously occupied by Williams. Ron Howard himself seems pleased with the news and took to Twitter to express his joy tweeting this,

“The Outer Rim just got a little wilder”
#PaulBettany #ForceFriday

Followed by,

“It’s my third opportunity to work with Paul. He’s a blast and so talented.”

Reshoots are currently underway on the film which is due for release on May 25th 2018. It has also recently been announced that Star Wars stalwart Warwick Davis has also joined the crew. Davis and Howard have of course worked together on the 1988 Lucasfilm production Willow and it appears that the director is enjoying his little reunion with his former actors.