The Film ‘89 Podcast Episode 70 – Citizen Kane (1941).

On Episode 70 of The Film ‘89 Podcast, Steve and Skye are joined by returning co-hosts Steven Saunders, host and producer of The Film Connection podcast, and podcasting veteran, Dave Eaves. The assembled team are tackling one of the most important films ever made and one hailed by many critics as the greatest ever made, Orson Welles’ astonishing directorial debut, Citizen Kane, which this year celebrates its 80th anniversary. The guys discuss the film’s enigmatic director/star who at just 24 years old, managed to alter the landscape of cinema forever. Citizen Kane is a film ripe for endless analysis and that’s exactly what you’ll get in this study of a film that’s as important a film as any that will ever be discussed on Film ‘89.

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