The Fugitive is set to go on the run again.

It looks like The Fugitive will be on the run once again with Albert Hughes (The Book Of Eli) set to direct what Warner Brothers has referred to as a “new take” on the 1993 action-thriller that starred Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones, which was itself based on the 1960s TV Show starring David Janssen as the dogged Doctor Richard Kimble who was forced to go on the run after he was wrongfully accused of his wife’s murder. Kimble is then forced to try and solve the mystery himself by identifying the mysterious one-armed man that actually committed the crime in order to clear his name.

Ford’s 1993 film was directed by Andrew Davis and proved to be a big hit earning a total of seven Oscar nominations with Tommy Lee Jones winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role as the resourceful U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard. Jones’ character even got his own spin-off in the form of 1998’s US Marshalls which featured Gerard and his team on the chase of a new fugitive played by Wesley Snipes.

Brian Tucker (Broken City) is attached to write the script with Eric Feig set to produce. No casting announcements have been made at this time.

Source: Deadline