Elizabeth Banks to become The Invisible Woman for Universal.

Not one to dwell on the bad box office reception for the Charlie’s Angels reboot, the film’s director, Elizabeth Banks has showed that her Hollywood ambition is far from diminished, as the Hollywood Reporter has announced her next project.

Banks will once again star and direct the upcoming film, The Invisible Woman. The actress will also co-produce the project alongside her husband Max Hendelman via the duo’s Brownstone Productions for Universal.

Universal of course had big plans to form their own super-franchise featuring their classic horror icons via the proposed “Dark Universe” but this plan was scuppered by the poor reception that it’s opener The Mummy (2017) received, despite its big star duo of Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise taking centre stage. The studio is said to now be adopting a more individualized and filmmaker-driven approach in the hope that individual movies can prove successful rather than trying to develop a franchise in its own right.

The first step in this new strategic approach will be Invisible Man starring Elisabeth Moss and directed by Leigh Whannell which will be produced by horror banner Blumhouse and is scheduled for release Feb 28th 2020.
Also in development is the Dracula-themed Renfield with Rocketman’s Dexter Fletcher attached to direct, as well as Dark Army with Paul Feig on board to helm the project.

The original 1940 version of The Invisible Woman was more of a screwball comedy which centred on a department store model who became the subject of an invisibility experiment. Upon gaining her new gift she then uses it to get back against her mean boss before she unwittingly falls into a caper involving gangsters.

There’s no word yet on whether the new version will take this path or go for a more horror-centric route. Erin Cressida Wilson, who penned The Girl on the Train, has written the current draft of the script.