Avengers: Infinity War’s runtime may be 2 hours 30 mins.

With its release now only two months away, Marvel Studio’s Avengers: Infinity War is easily the most anticipated movie of 2018.

The film, which has been over a decade in the making through the various storylines of all the other MCU films, will finally see the myriad of Marvel’s finest assembled to take on the might of the MCU’s greatest villain Thanos and his Black Order.

With a storyline featuring so many characters it’s almost inevitable that a long runtime will be required, but could this third instalment of the Avengers saga carry the longest runtime? “Every story that Marvel has told since Iron Man 1 finds a narrative thread in these next two Avengers movies. It’s a culmination of all that storytelling.” co-director Joe Russo said in a special feature included with the home release of Thor: Ragnarok.

According to a rumour that originates from SM Cinema the largest movie theater chain in the Philippines), having released a pre-sale ticket webpage for the movie, they quote it as having a runtime of 2 hours 30 minutes, which exceeds the previous longest film in the franchise by a whole 3 minutes (Captain America: Civil War which was 2 hours, 27 minutes).

It’s important to point out that this has not yet been officially verified by Marvel Studios or Disney, so we’ll take this at face value at the moment, but it would make sense that a film with so much scope would require such a length and whilst Civil War had to fit in the introduction of new characters, this film may see a lot more of the focus featured on the action surrounding the actual story itself with little need for any character backstory or setup.

Avengers: Infinity War is due for release in the U.K. April 27th and the U.S. May 4th 2018.