Brendan Fraser to star in live-action TV adaptation of DC Comics’ Robotman.

It’s been announced that Brendan Fraser is set to join the DC Universe playing Cliff Steele, a.k.a. Robotman in the upcoming live-action series Doom Patrol, from Greg Berlanti and Warner Bros TV.

A former race car driver, Cliff Steele was involved a horrific accident that leaves his body broken. In true comic book style, Cliff’s brain is saved by the mysterious Dr. Niles Caulder and he’s then able to live on in a powerful robotic body.

Fraser will provide the voice for Robotman and will appear in flashback scenes as Cliff Steele. Riley Shanahan has also been cast in the role of Robotman. He will provide the physical performance of the character in full body costume.

Fraser has been linked to comic book adaptations in the past, most famously he was the preferred choice to play the Man Of Steel himself in J.J. Abrams aborted Superman: Flyby which was originally intended to form a new trilogy of films in which a reimagined version of Krypton’s favourite son was sent to earth to protect him from his evil cousin Ty-Zor who would essentially be a new take on his famous rival General Zod. Whilst this idea never got off the ground (ahem), it was eventually dropped and instead we got the Bryan Singer/Brandon Routh team up of Superman Returns in 2006.

Source: Deadline