Director Rob Liefeld discusses Fox’s marketing strategy and that Deadpool 2 trailer.

The Deadpool 2 trailer came out of nowhere yesterday and has been met with almost universal praise from fans. Whilst most of the big summer tent pole movies had relied on the Super Bowl advertisement slots to press their claim to convince audiences that they were the film to see this year, the Merc with the Mouth skipped the Super Bowl and came out punching a few days later.

Speaking with Heroic Hollywood after the release of the trailer, Director Rob Liefeld couldn’t contain his excitement for his sequel and revealed the reason Fox held back;

“I mean all you have to do is look at my social media at any point during the day or in the last 3 months — ‘Where’s the real Trailer?! Where’s my footage?! When are we gonna see Josh’s Cable?!’ And Fox, they’re very cool with it and actually, they’ve completely won me over with how they handle everything. They basically starve everybody out and it’s brilliant. Like today, look, every other major movie has played their hand for the summer. So, Deadpool played their cards last. Everybody else jocking for position and today they have the entire space all to themselves, they knew what they had, they released it, people saw it, people saw how wonderful the movie looks.”

Fox may be on to something here. The trailer which consists largely of the introduction of Cable (Josh Brolin) may prove to be a great strategic move and with the film’s release coming two weeks after Avengers: Infinity War arrives in U.S cinemas and two weeks before Star Wars spin off Solo, so it may take a few more tricks to convince cinema goers to return for the further adventures of Wade Wilson.

Personally, we can’t wait!

Deadpool 2 (title subject to change) opens in the U.K. May 16th and across the US May 18th.