Fox to make True Lies TV show with James Cameron as Executive Producer.

With the recent talk of the Terminator series following the re-release of Terminator 2 in 3D, one story that may have slipped under the radar is that James Cameron is actively involved in bringing back another of his Arnold Schwarzenegger collaborations, True Lies.

Unfortunately that’s where the good news ends for us, as it’s not another 3D theatrical re-release or a Blu Ray release but a TV show. Deadline reports that Cameron is onboard as an executive producer with McG also executive producing via his Wonderland Sound and Vision company and he is also said to be directing the pilot episode for Fox.

Marc Guggenheim (Arrow) will write the pilot script and Fox have provided a put pilot commitment which usually guarantees a show at least one season as the studio is liable to pay substantial penalty fees if the show isn’t picked up.

It’s not the first time that the TV option of a True Lies show has been mentioned. In 2010 rumours of the shows development circulated with John Cena said to be in talks for the starring role.

It’s not known if this new version will follow the storyline of the 1994 film or be a fresh retelling of the story of super spy Harry Tasker.