Gerald’s Game director Mike Flannagan said to be developing a sequel to Stephen King’s The Shining.

It’s no secret that some of the filmed adaptations of Stephen King’s novels aren’t exactly to the authors tastes. Stanley Kubrick’s version of King’s The Shining being an oft-cited example where the author voiced his disdain at an adaptation of one of his works.

King does seem more open to praising director’s work of late and was full of admiration for Mike Flannagan’s take on his work with the 2017 Netflix release of Gerald’s Game, describing it as “horrifying, hypnotic, terrific.”

It appears that the Flanagan/King connection is set to continue with Warner Bros. said to be putting a sequel to The Shining into production, with Flanagan once again in the director’s chair, as well as re-working an existing script adaptation by Akiva Goldsman. The director hinted at his enthusiasm for taking on the project last year;

“Who wouldn’t want to venture back into the world of Danny Torrance?”

Doctor Sleep will feature a now middle-aged Danny Torrance, set some years after the events at the Overlook Hotel. Danny is still psychic but is struggling to live a normal life and is targeted by a new supernatural threat.

There’s no official release yet regarding the production, but it appears it may be imminent with the studio looking to keep the momentum of King’s work going, which is riding high from the 2017 release of the IT remake, and the Netflix duo of releases, Gerald’s Game and 1922.

Source: Deadline