Have Warner Bros. approached Michael Bay to direct Lobo?

Hot on the heels of the earlier story we brought you concerning the potential casting of Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role of Todd Phillips’ standalone Joker movie comes more DC Comics movie news with The Wrap reporting that the long in development Lobo movie may have found a director in the form of none other than Transformers supremo Michael Bay.

It’s reported that DC/Warner Bros. sees Lobo as their potential Deadpool-style, adult superhero blockbuster, and think Bay should be the man in the director’s chair.

It’s said that Bay met with Warner Bros. studios recently and that he had given them some notes for a rewrite of the existing script by Wonder Woman writer, Jason Fuchs. The apparently re-written script is said to determine whether the director takes the job or not.

Lobo has been a long mooted project for Warner Bros. and the story of the anti-hero who curses, kills, and drinks his way through his adventures fits very well with the Deadpool-esque, R-rated type of comic book movie that is the hot thing right now thanks to the success of Fox’s 2016 film.

With a sequel to Deadpool due for release this coming May, plus the recent critical and financial success of the equally hard-hitting, R-rated Logan, Fox have shown that there’s definitely a market for adult comic book movies and it appears that Warner Bros. are keen to jump on the bandwagon.