Marvel’s Inhumans TV show unlikely to get a second season.

Marvel’s Inhumans TV show has turned out to be something of a poisoned chalice for ABC and rumours abound that the show’s chances of renewal past this first season will rest somewhere between slim and none, with RenewCancel TV reporting that the marketing for Inhumans has started to refer to the upcoming season as the “complete series,” as opposed to the first season. There are definite implications to be drawn from this and it suggests that Inhumans will be a standalone, one-off series.

The opening episodes were recently released in theatres for a one-week-only IMAX cinematic engagement (which was originally supposed to be two weeks), making just $2.8 million worldwide and the series is set to premiere September 29th on ABC in the US. However many other broadcasters outside of the States have yet to pick it up so many non American Marvel fans were faced with attending the IMAX screenings not knowing when they would be able to see the rest of the story.

This US premiere date may be relevant however, with Marvel Newz reporting that the first Avengers: Infinity War trailer will make its way online the very same day. Marvel Studios have previously aired first showings of new trailers for their upcoming films during ABC shows and it’s possible that they may choose to do this again during the Inhumans premiere. This would surely gather a lot more interest from fans than the showing currently has and would be a sure fire way of gaining higher ratings.

Sky have reportedly picked up Inhumans for the UK market but no air date has been announced.