Patrick Stewart announces that he’ll once more play Jean Luc Picard.

Rumours have been circulating for quite some time now that after the successful debut of Star Trek: Discovery, that CBS were looking to expand the Star Trek Universe with spin off’s and one of the major theories was that Patrick Stewart was being courted to once again return to the role of Jean Luc Picard.

Well, good news Trekkies because the actor himself has now confirmed that this will be happening. Stewart took to Facebook to state the following;

“I will always be very proud to have been a part of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but when we wrapped that final movie in the spring of 2002, I truly felt my time with Star Trek had run its natural course. It is, therefore, an unexpected but delightful surprise to find myself excited and invigorated to be returning to Jean-Luc Picard and to explore new dimensions within him. Seeking out new life for him, when I thought that life was over.

During these past years, it has been humbling to hear stories about how The Next Generation brought people comfort, saw them through difficult periods in their lives or how the example of Jean-Luc inspired so many to follow in his footsteps, pursuing science, exploration and leadership. I feel I’m ready to return to him for the same reason – to research and experience what comforting and reforming light he might shine on these often very dark times. I look forward to working with our brilliant creative team as we endeavor to bring a fresh, unexpected and pertinent story to life once more.“

Quite how Picard’s return to Trek will be incorporated is the subject of much speculation. CBS’ current show, Discovery exists in the Star Trek timeline before it was altered by the events of J.J. Abrams 2009 film, Star Trek, which created a new alternate timeline called the Kelvin Timeline. It may transpire that Paramount’s films (if any more are to be made following 2016’s Star Trek: Beyond) will continue in the Kelvin Timleine with CBS’ show’s staying within the original timeline thus keeping a firm continuity barrier between the two potentially separate and unlinked creative properties. Rest assured we’ll let you all know as soon as any formal announcements of a new Trek show emerge.