Rambo 5 set to begin get filming in September with Stallone returning as the iconic Vietnam veteran.

It would appear that Sylvester Stallone is set for a revival of another one of his most iconic roles. With Rocky Balboa set to return to the big screen later this year in the spin-off sequel Creed 2, news has emerged that John Rambo is also coming back for one last fight.

Rambo 5 has been rumoured for several years now and at one stage it was mooted to involve such far fetched story ideas as the Vietnam veteran taking on a band of genetically engineered super soldiers. Thankfully that idea was quickly put to rest and was followed by the news that an idea for a TV series may be the way forward for the series with Stallone handing over the reigns to a younger actor in a new lead role, but still making an appearance in a supporting role of sorts.

Now Deadline is reporting that John Rambo will return with Stallone once again in the titular role, but not the director’s chair as previously mooted. Set to carry on from the ending of the fourth instalment that was released in 2008, Rambo will be seen back on US soil (for the first time since 1982 in First Blood) and working on a ranch, taking on a Mexican drug cartel after the kidnapping of a friend’s daughter.

Filming of the as-yet-untitled fifth Rambo film is set to begin this coming September.