Ridley Scott talks about a third Blade Runner film and the recasting choice he made in All the Money in the World.

Ridley Scott recently said that he had problems with Blade Runner 2049, stating that Dennis Villeneuve’s sequel to his own 1982 Sci-Fi classic was “Way to fu**ing long!”

However it appears that Scott may still be looking to return to the replicant’s story, recently informing Digital Spy that he has a plan for a third Blade Runner instalment;

“I hope so,” he said. “I think there is another story. I’ve got another one ready to evolve and be developed, so there is certainly one to be done for sure.”

The director also added that he fully hopes to carry on making movies set in the Alien universe and didn’t believe that Disney’s recent purchase of the previously Fox-owned property would have any impact on him not doing so;

“It looks to me that the Fox deal is certainly going to go ahead with Disney, and I’ve been with Fox for a number years now. I’m hoping I’ll still probably be there so whether or not they go ahead with such a dark subject, being Disney, as Aliens remains to be seen. I think they should because I think, when people have a hard and fast franchise which has ongoing interest, it’s crazy not to do something with it.”

The director also spoke of his latest release All The Money In The World, the dramatisation of the kidnapping of 16-year-old John Paul Getty III and the desperate attempt by his devoted mother Gail to convince his billionaire grandfather to pay the ransom.

The project hit the headlines recently with the role of J. Paul Getty previously being played by the now disgraced Kevin Spacey which resulted in Scott’s decision to trash all of Spacey’s already finished scenes and reshoot them with Christopher Plummer taking the lead role instead.
Scott stated that it took him a surprisingly short time to decide to do this;

“You always have doubts, but I don’t dwell too much any more. First of all I ask myself, ‘Can I do it? Yes, I can. If I get Plummer, I can do it pretty straight-forwardly and quickly. If these locations are available and the relevant actors are available, yes I can, so that took me about an hour.
Then I start making phone calls to two or three people, and find out who’s available and who isn’t. Then, I go and see Chris Plummer.”

With him and Plummer both earning recent Golden Globe nominations, it appears that he made the right decision.

All the Money in the World is on general release now.