The Film ‘89 Podcast Episode 17 – “Age cannot wither her…” The Making of ‘Cleopatra’ (1963).

In Episode 17 of the Film ‘89 Podcast, Skye and Steve are joined by arguably their most long-awaited guest co-host, James Hancock, the creator and host of the phenomenal Wrong Reel Podcast as well as his ever increasingly popular YouTube channel, ‘Geekin’ with James Hancock’. James and the guys take the deep dive on the fascinating behind the scenes story of one of Hollywood’s most notoriously difficult and prolonged productions, 20th Century Fox’s epic, audacious and totally out of control 1963 historical epic, Cleopatra. They look at the behind the scenes controversy surrounding this most tumultuous production as well as the off-screen scandal surrounding its stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and give their analysis of a film that nearly bankrupted one of Hollywood’s biggest studios. The story of how Cleopatra made it to the big screen is easily as fascinating as the larger than life characters the film portrays.  

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