The Film ‘89 Podcast Episode 67 – Army of the Dead (2021).

On Episode 67 of The Film ‘89 Podcast, Neil and Skye are joined by one of their favourite co-hosts from episodes past, filmmaker, film commentator and co-host of the brilliant I Don’t Get It Podcast, the venerable Mr Bill Scurry who makes his long overdue return to Film ‘89.

As they’re still without the cinema as a means of film nourishment, the guys are aiming their sights at Netflix’s latest big offering, Zack Snyder’s zombie action film, Army of the Dead, starring Dave Bautista as Scott Ward, who, following a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, leads a group of mercenaries on a heist to recover £200 million from a hotel casino vault before the US government level the walled off city with a tactical nuke. 

The guys give their spoiler-filled, in-depth analysis of the second of two big Zack Snyder films in 2021. Is Army of the Dead a worthy addition to the already vast horde of zombie films, television shows and video games we’ve been besieged by these last two decades or so, or is it a shuffling corpse that brings nothing new to the zombie sub-genre? As well as Army of the Dead, the guys discuss Snyder’s directorial career, the new type of delivery method of films that’s currently filling in for cinema’s absence and lots more besides. 

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