The Film ‘89 Podcast Episode 91 – John Carpenter’s ‘Christine’ (1983).

On Episode 91 of The Film ‘89 Podcast, Skye is joined by returning guest hosts Jacob Rivera and Kyle Reardon to take a look back at a film from one of the Film ‘89 team’s favourite directors, John Carpenter, his 1983 adaptation of Stephen King’s Christine, the tale of a possessed 1958 Plymouth Fury and it’s young new owner’s descent into madness as both car and driver go on an unstoppable killing spree. Coming off the back of the critical and commercial failure of The Thing (1982), a film that would later be widely regarded as a masterpiece of cinema, Carpenter went back to the style of horror he perfected in his 1978 classic, Halloween. Light on gore but full of mood and suspense, Christine is one of the lesser talked about films in Carpenter’s filmography but one that we feel is one of the director’s best films and is discussed in depth by the Film ‘89 team for its 40th anniversary. 

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