The Film’89 Podcast Episode 37 – Terminator: Dark Fate (2019).

In Episode 37 of The Film ‘89 Podcast, Neil and Skye discuss the long running Terminator franchise that began in 1984 with James Cameron’s breakout action/sci-fi classic and has since spawned no less than 5 sequels, the latest of which is the Tim Miller directed, Terminator: Dark Fate, which sees Linda Hamilton return to the iconic role of Sarah Connor. Also returning is Arnold Schwarzenegger in a new story by Cameron himself. Will this latest instalment live up to the great legacy of Cameron’s first two Terminator films? Tune in for our spoiler-filled review. And after that, the guys also answer some of your listener questions. 


Main Review – Terminator: Dark Fate – 0:25:11

Listener Questions – 1:24:18

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