Woody Harrelson hints at a planned Venom sequel.

Whilst the initial trailers for the Tom Hardy starring, Spider-Man spin-off film Venom haven’t exactly set fans expectations soaring, it appears that Sony Pictures are banking on a hit with a planned sequel seemingly being confirmed by Woody Harrelson.

Whilst there have been rumours circulating of Harrelson appearing in the film as Venom’s nemesis Carnage, the actor who can currently be seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story didn’t confirm this but he did appear to confirm that he will be making a small appearance in the upcoming movie with a larger role to follow.

Asked about his participation in Venom, Harrelson told Collider;

“I’m in a little fraction of this movie, but I’ll be in the next one, you know. So I haven’t read that script, but anyways, just rolled the dice.”

For those not familiar with the comic book character, Carnage is the alter ego of Cletus Kasady, a serial killer who merges with a symbiote during a prison break. Harrelson certainly has the range to take on the role, with one of his most famous performances being that of the wildly psychotic Mickey Knox in Natural Born Killers. Venom is being helmed by Ruben Fleischer, who directed Harrelson in Zombieland so there’s definitely a chance that we may see the actor take on a larger role in the proposed sequel.

Venom is set for release October 5th.