Nicholas Cage announces his intention to retire from acting.

Nothing lasts forever and we sometimes have to adhere to the old adage that if you love someone, then you have to set them free but we, your good friends here at Film ‘89 Towers, fear that no suitable preparation exists for the news we bear the burden of bringing our film-loving readership.

It is our sad duty to report that Nicholas Cage has announced that he intends to quit acting to focus on directorial duties. Speaking at a recent press junket for his latest movie, Primal, the acting tour de force had this to say;

“In terms of producing and directing, yes, I’m getting back in production. My company, Saturn Films, is involved in all the movies I’m doing now. Directing is something I’d look forward to down the road, because right now I’m primarily a film performer. I’m going to continue doing that for three or four more years and then I’d like to focus more on directing.”

Whilst film fans mourn this sad news, the Oscar-winning actor went on to state that he still intends to keep busy;

“I have multiple reasons for wanting to work. One of them is, to be blatantly honest, I can be a little self-destructive if I’m not focused on my job. It’s the difference between maybe having one bottle of wine versus two bottles of wine.”

Source: Blast