Rumours abound of a longer cut of Avengers: Infinity War for the home video release.

It would appear that Marvel Studios are set to reward their loyal fan base with a significantly longer cut of Avengers: Infinity War for its forthcoming home release. How long you ask? Around thirty minutes longer and it’s said to mainly feature the previously rumoured deleted scenes featuring the Mad Titan’s backstory.

Collider’s Jon Schnepp was at Las Vegas Comic Con this past weekend and during a panel with Jim Starlin, the creator of Thanos, may have dropped a big bombshell when it comes to an extended cut filled with Thanos-related deleted scenes.

“Jim Starlin found out that they’re actually going to put it into a special edition Avengers: Infinity War… they weren’t going to be seen as deleted scenes, they’re actually going to be re-integrated into the film,” says Schnepp.

Starlin, despite being on set and helping directors the Russo brothers, as well as the screenwriters, was told that “we have to cut out a lot of the Thanos backstory,” explains Schnepp. “We’re cutting out like 30 minutes of Thanos’ backstory – his origin.”

Now it appears that lucky MCU fans will get a chance to see a far more detailed take on the theatrical version of the film and while there has been no official confirmation of this new version, we are keeping our fingers firmly crossed.

Avengers: Infinity War is still on general theatrical release.