Top Gun 2 casts Miles Teller in an intriguing key role.

Recently news emerged that the long in development sequel to the 1980’s favourite Top Gun is actually going to happen and it was also confirmed that the long in gestation project would feature not only the original film’s star, Tom Cruise, but it would also see the return of ‘Iceman’ himself, Val Kilmer.

One of the original cast who has no way of returning is Anthony Edwards who’s character ‘Goose’ died in the original, leaving many a viewer fighting back the tears in the darkness of the cinema. News has reached us that whilst Goose can’t return, it doesn’t mean that his legacy won’t live on, with the new film set to feature his son, who according to Variety will now be played by Miles Teller.

The actor, probably best known for his superb performance in 2014’s Whiplash, is said to have beaten both Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: First Class) and Glen Powell (Hidden Figures) to the part having tested most sucessfully with Cruise.

The introduction of the character may give away some of the plot for the second film which is so far going under the title Top Gun 2: Maverick and is thought to feature Cruise’s character training a new generation of fighter pilots. Could this storyline be taking a leaf out of Ryan Cooglar’s Creed and perhaps feature the son of a fallen friend looking for a new mentor and father figure perhaps?

Joseph Kosinski, who previously worked with Tom Cruise on 2013’s Oblivion, is set to direct, following on from the late Tony Scott who directed the original and who was actually at one point looking to kickstart the sequel before his death in 2012.

However, Paramount will try to keep a familar feeling to the movie with both Harold Faltermeyer expected to return to once again provide the film’s score and Kenny Loggins who recently revealed that he’s going to record a new version of ‘Danger Zone’ with a so far unnamed artist.

Production on the new movie kicked off at the end of May with Cruise revealing the first official photo via his social media accounts. Since then little else has been revealed. Paramount have the movie slated for release on July 12th 2019.