The Film ‘89 Podcast Episode 102 – 90 Years of King Kong (1933).

On Episode 102 of The Film ‘89 Podcast, Steve and Skye are joined by returning guest host and writer for Film ‘89, filmmaker Martin Kessler, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of a monumental classic of cinema, 1933’s King Kong. This beloved monster movie from the filmmaking team of Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack employed then revolutionary stop-motion animation to bring not just the film’s titular character to life, but a whole host of dinosaurs and other inhabitants of Skull Island. Featuring the original scream-queen, Fay Wray, as novice actress Ann Darrow, Robert Armstrong as desperate filmmaker Carl Denham and Bruce Cabot as daring sailor, Jack Driscoll, King Kong is arguably the most influential creature feature ever made and is discussed here along with the King Kong’s legacy which has spawned a long-running series of films that’s still going strong today. 

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