The Film ‘89 Podcast Episode 18 – “Friendship is Universal” – V (1983) & V: The Final Battle (1984).

In the mothership sized 18th episode of The Film ‘89 Podcast, Neil and Skye are joined by a multi-talented movie savant who wears many dapper hats; co-host of the brilliant “I Don’t Get It Podcast”, a frequent co-host of Wrong Reel and the genius behind Twitter & Facebook’s Daily Cobra Commander, Mr Bill Scurry. 

This episode the guys move away from film into the realm of television as they peel the latex face off one of the most beloved of all television miniseries, Kenneth Johnson’s ‘V’ and ‘V: The Final Battle’. They examine what makes V such an enduring piece of ‘80s event television and look at how it holds up 35 years later.

Returning to the show is the ever popular ‘Favourite 3’ segment. This week in keeping with the main topic it’s Favourite 3 TV miniseries and to top things off the guys answer your listener questions.


V: The Original Miniseries & V: The Final Battle – 0:19:12

Favourite 3 Television Miniseries – 1:53:58

Listener Questions – 2:31:26

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